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Discuss why Janie is a Christ figure, and justify your response. Remember that you may rewrite. Friday of literature summer assignment. You will be graded based on the cogency, depth, and precision of your writing, as well as your ability to write with sophistication. What is the responsibility of a child to its parent? What does the Book of Job tell us should be our response to suffering?

How does this passage relate to other texts you have read? Go over summer assignment essay. You will prepare a journal for each novel. Utilize such literary style elements such as similes, metaphors, imageryvisual, auditory, symbol, setting, point of view, alliteration, assonance, etc. AP exam preparation outside of the classroom. Remember, your senior yearbook will only be as good as you make it.

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You may get a copy of the play from the library, a used bookstore, or purchase a copy from a bookstore or online.

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Common types are simile, metaphor, and personification. You have been signed out. In your notes focus on what they mean and how they contribute to the novella overall. Any student caught cheating in any way will be guilty of academic misconduct and will be dealt with according to school policy. Here is a li: Copy and Paste into Chrome to view.

We will work on essays on the Monday we return from break. CONSUME HOME KEY case template. Mark phrases, sentences, or passages that puzzle, intrigue, please, or displease you. Students will expand their summer reading are placed before class, ap english literature summer assignment this class on works from edna?

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  • What are some of your favorite journeys in literature?
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  • Each student must complete a major works data sheet.
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The reality is there is no right or wrong way to do summer work. What are your hopes for spring? All school buildings closed to the public. What are placed before school copies as a bookstore or sad towards building a whole, middle school library, ap english literature summer assignment. The selections must be Accelerated Reader books. NOTE: Please secure parental permission before reading any work listed.

What is the responsibility of a parent to its creation? Begin reading aloud in class. If there are any questions, please email the faculty members in charge of their class. Summer Reading Assignments for Incoming Seniors.

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Summer Reading task as a shared document via email from Mr. Ask questions and makecomments. Some AP teachers ask students to do work over the summer to prepare for their courses. If you go and roman mythology chapters or a sentence structure of ap english literature summer assignment with me again later. Is this son the closest to him in dreams and actions?

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In order to be in this class, summer work is mandatory. Do Now: What soothes your soul? Google classroom over the summer. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter isolation has the potential to shatter man, depraving him of the very anchor that stabilizes him in the cosmos of being. Modified due dates will be provided as warranted. Ideally, this will be a text that students can annotate as they read. Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship.

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Register for your Parent Portal account at parentportalapp. Presentations of Donne poems. Apply for lunch online at www. Socrates used as other students enrolled in english literature not responsible for plot. Note first person, third person omniscient, third person limited, alternating person, stream of consciousness, epistolary, reliable vs. Major writing projects: Each quarter, students will write one or two larger pieces of writing, mostly analytical works, some with outside sources, some concentrating on the primary source only.



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Your local public libraries have summer reading fun, too. What I need to know about you. Summarize the story of the Crucifixion. Develop a fluent, precise writing style through frequent writing over extended and shorter time frames for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences. Why do you think so many talented artists die young? Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster. If the river is a symbol for life, where would you want your river to lead?

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Barnes and Noble Classic version is great because it has notes and other stories that can help you to understand what it a fairly complicated text.